PAT testing involves a visual inspection to check the appliance casing and flex for wear and damage and plugs for correct wiring and fuse rating. Then electrical tests will be completed. A pass or fail sticker will be stuck on each appliance and a PAT testing certificate will be issued.

Many employers ask what is PAT testing:

It is not stated by law that PAT testing must be carried out, although it does state that the workplace must be electrically safe. Government guidelines state that PAT testing is the best way to guarantee electrical safety. If an accident were to occur due to a faulty unmaintained appliance you could end up with a hefty fine or even imprisonment, unless you can prove that you have undergone steps to ensure its safety. A PAT testing certificate is the best way to do this.

Many landlords ask us what is PAT testing:

A landlord has obligations to the tenant of ensuring goods are tested before a tenant moves in. They must also uphold regular maintenance of all appliances to guarantee the tenant’s safety is not jeopardised. The cheapest, easiest way to do this is by PAT testing.

Many factory owners/ construction companies ask what is PAT testing:

Portable appliances need to be tested at periodic intervals to measure if their degree of protection is adequate and that they are safe to use and will not cause harm to the company employees. Different appliances require PAT testing more or less frequently. Due to the high risk nature of construction sites/ factories and the volatile, harsh, vigorous environment of these industries and heavy usage of the equipment, they should undergo PAT testing more often than an office.

Many school/ nursery staff ask us what is PAT testing:

Faulty appliances can cause fires, injury or in worst cases death. So if working in an industry with young children where you have to be hyper vigilant in every aspect it is imperative to ensure that electric safety is maintained. You have to remember during school/ nursery hours you are responsible for the well being of the children. If you have a PAT testing engineer come (at least) annually to test the appliances then you can rest assured that they are in good working order and you have done all you can to eliminate any risks.

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