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What is Electrical PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing)?
The term PAT testing is used as an abbreviation of Portable Appliance Testing. It can also be known as electrical PAT testing, PAT testing or electrical testing. Electrical PAT testing is a process by which all electrical appliances are routinely checked to ensure they are safe to use. Electrical PAT testing is an important part of Health and Safety at Work which ensures that your staff and customers are not harmed by any electrical equipment when on your business’ premises.

Why is Electrical PAT testing necessary?
Electrical PAT testing is necessary to ensure your business complies with The Health and Safety at Work Act. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there are approximately 1,000 related electrical incidents causing injury each year. These injuries can involve not only electrical shocks but also burns. It is estimated that at least 30 of the injuries are fatal. This is why here at Portable Appliance Testing London we dedicate our knowledge and skills to electrical PAT testing.

Who can perform electrical PAT testing?
Electrical PAT testing should only be completed be someone who is ‘competent’ in doing so. Electrical PAT testing training will allow an individual to be ‘competent’ to carry out any electrical PAT testing with the ability to be able to identify the equipment and appliance types to determine the test procedures and frequency of inspection. Someone who is ‘competent’ in electrical PAT testing will also be able to achieve results without damaging the equipment or the appliance. At Portable Appliance Testing London we only use individuals that are ‘competent’ and confident in all your appliance testing.

How long will the electrical PAT testing take?
The time it takes to complete electrical PAT testing can vary. This is dependant upon the number of appliances that need testing and the accessibility of the appliance.

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