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To comply with the 1989 Electricity at work regulations, it is necessary to implement regular inspection, maintenance and testing of all portable appliances by subcontracting portable appliance testing companies to do this on your behalf.

It is essential to carry out portable appliance testing when any appliances are used by employees, where the public can use appliances in places such as schools hotels etc, if the equipment is hired or supplied to you where appliances are repaired or serviced or if the equipment is within a tenanted property. Portable appliance testing companies will be able to carry out testing for all of the aforementioned situations.

We, at Portable Appliance Testing London recommend that portable appliance testing companies should be instructed by you to undertake testing at least on an annual basis to comply with The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).

During testing, portable appliance testing companies will ensure that the equipment is suitable for the purpose it’s provided for and that the item does not pose a risk to the individuals using it and is still safe to use.

Once visual inspections and portable appliance testing have been carried out, portable appliance testing companies will issue you with a portable appliance certificate indicating which appliances have been tested and whether or not the items have passed or failed.

The portable appliance testing companies will inform you if they believe the item to be in an unfit condition and it must be then taken out of action immediately until remedial work can be performed or alternatively it may require replacing.

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