In: PAT Testing

PAT test certificates are issued after a PAT test has been carried out. It is important to have a PAT test to ensure the business premises is safe and coincides with current legislations.

If a Health and Safety inspector visits your business they will generally ask to see some documentation as proof that a PAT test has been carried out and that all appliances are safe to use. PAT test certificates are usually issued with a detailed report stating which appliances have failed or passed.

All PAT test certificates will include brief details of the inspection carried out. The information generally included will be:

– The name of the business where the PAT test was completed
– The address of the business where the PAT test was completed
– The name and address of the company that completed the PAT test
– An expiry date (usually 6 or 12 months)
– An authorised signature.

PAT test certificates will not include details of each individual appliance tested. This is only included in the detailed report. Unlike the PAT test certificates, the detailed report is not always issued. Some PAT testing companies will only send out a detailed report if requested to do so by the manager of the business.

As well as PAT test certificates, labels are attached to each appliance to show whether they have passed or failed. However, this is usually not enough to prove a PAT has been completed. This is because the labels are easy to get hold of and anyone can attach them to an appliance.

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