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If you are interested in PAT testing jobs in London then look no further. We provide PAT testing jobs in London to individuals who can test appliances depending on the class of the appliance, as well as exceptional experience. Completing a PAT testing job in London you must be able to differentiate between the two different classes that an appliance could be, Class I or Class II.

PAT testing jobs in London require the tester to look at the rating plate of the appliance to identify its class, watt & voltage. When PAT testing in London, if no rating plate is found on the appliance, the appliance should be disposed of.

PAT testing jobs in London depend on how experienced the individual is. Pat testing jobs in London require recognition of the Class of an appliance to be identified by a symbol on the rating plate. A Class II appliance will have a double box symbol, whereas a Class I appliance will not display any symbol. It is important for this to be checked before an electrical PAT test.

Class I appliances tend to have large areas of exposed metal for example an electrical fire or a PC. An electrical PAT test for any Class I appliance with exposed metal is highly important because the metal is connected to the earth pin of the mains plug. However in some cases Class I appliances do not have any metal on the outside but like any other appliance an electrical PAT test will still need to be performed.
Class II appliances have two layers of insulation to protect anyone using it from electric shock. Class II appliances are items such as hand held drills or hairdryers.

PAT testing jobs in London are crucial in identifying appliances that are more prone to danger than others and will require an electrical PAT test more frequently than others. Although all portable appliances are included in an electrical PAT test, testing can be categorised into different types based on how easy it is to move the appliance.

The standard categories for PAT testing jobs in London are:

• Stationary
• Moveable
• Portable
• Hand-held

PAT testing jobs in London enable the employee to be able to determine how dangerous the appliance can be. Stationary appliances will not be moved, which means that the cable is less likely to be damaged and pose danger. However, hand-held equipment is likely to be damaged more easily because it is more likely to be dropped or the cable could be constantly rubbed against something, causing it to fail an electrical PAT test.